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The Art of Illusion
Of the many creative tools and skills used in his paintings, Robert has mastered the ability to encorporate color and light in casingt the illusion that an object is in fact real. At a closer examination, the object is revealed to be only that of a painting.

Below are a series of pictures depicting this principle. See if you can tell what is real and what is only an illusion.  
Interested in having your very own Illusion?
The fence above is solid.There is actually no gate adjoining to another back yard.
The only thing that is actually real in this picture are the double doors. What a warm and cozy thought.
This store was painted on a white wall at the rear of a department store. Notice the imitation door? All an illusion.
Can you tell which flower pots are real?
 I added a plant to my wife's health food store.Very low maintenance and it never dies.
Another low maintenance plant that will last forever.
I added 2 flower pots to the entrance way of this wedding chapel .Very striking at a glance.
From once a blank white brick wall with a few shrubs, to an enchanted park like setting fit for 2 queens (My wife and daughter).
A little organic growth and decay on the upper side of a seniors center...or is it?
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 I enjoyed  this painting very much.I was very pleased  with the addition of the the illuminating steps leading into the sacred garden.
What appears to be real is simply a manipulation of paint and light.The only thing real are the windows to the right. Everything else including the bolts on the lental are simply painted on a flat wall. 
The thrill in this undertaking was in transforming a simple restaurant into a medivel castle complete with dragon.
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This is a set that I was contracted to build for a in house combat airball arena.My lovely wife is the model.I also added a destroyed shop from a bomb.The scene is in Paris.
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Prison Illusion
This prison was painted on particle board.Some of the combat participants were fooled into thinking that the door was real.WRONG!