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Robert Murray is a native of Nova Scotia,Canada.
He began his career as an artist in his early teens.

Robert migrated to Alberta after high school to attend Red Deer College where he studied fine arts.

Later, Robert lived in London, England where he served as a missionary for the Latter Day Saint Church. He claims that the European impressionists work found there had a profound influence on him.

When he returned to Alberta he met his wife Judy and were shortly married thereafter.They have 5 children. All are blessed with artistic gifts like their father.

Robert has authored 3 books, licenced numerous sporting wear designs, and at one time hosted to a  weekly cartoon strip. He is also a returning exhibitor at the world famous Calgary Stampede Art Gallary.

It was in the early 1990's the he began to focus his attention on painting.

Roberts work evolved over time. From the beginning, where he painted tiny detailed scenes on 3 lb stones for which he sold literally tons of product, to where he presently  finds himself on hydraulic lifts painting images over 3 stories tall.

His work can be found throughout North America.  His "canvas" ranges anywhere from  a wall in a hospital unit, a seniors center, to  
a surrounding garden scene at a wedding chapel.

Although his work is quite detailed and rich in colour and content,the average time to complete a project is about 8 hours.

About the Artist
Of all of the qualities offered by Robert Murray,his greatest is his  sense of humour and wit.This has been a great blessing when communicating with a  customer.
He makes you feel relaxed and appreciated.

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